We've Partnered with Amigo Skate!!

Giving back is a huge part of what we do as a company. We're excited to announce that we've partnered with Amigo Skate and with every purchase of any Cubita product you can support at-risk Cuban youth and artists directly!

From Amigo Skate: 

Cuba’s skate scene was born in the 1980s when Russian soldiers left their skateboards with a few determined street kids. Those kids never gave up, but now, with no skate shops in Cuba, it's nearly impossible to obtain boards and other essential supplies. 

Breaking a board often means going months without a replacement—when this happens, they call them “the dark months.” The only options then are trying to repair the broken board with a spare piece of screwed-on wood or hoping for someone to bring one from abroad. Needless to say, ordering online and shipping to Cuba are not options at this point.

Unfortunately, reaching out to other charities, churches, and government officials for support has not been helpful. As a result, Amigo Skate’s members have been "the Robin Hoods of Havana” by taking the initiative to provide materials and donations to skaters and artists who need them. 

Our goal has always been to provide young people with an outlet for self-expression. An essential part of what we do to pursue that goal is collecting unwanted or broken equipment.

 Over the years, we have gathered a variety of action sports gear, music instruments, art supplies, and, of course, skating goods. We refurbish, rebuild, and recycle materials like used decks, wheels, hardware, grip tape, and trucks.

 From there, we give those back to skaters and artists wherever and whenever we see a need.

For more info go to http://www.amigoskate.com